The Pirate Queen

Sep 22, 2018 - Oct 7, 2018

Captain Schnook is known as one of the fiercest pirates to sale the seas. But he has a few flaws that make him lose things . . . important things. When Queen Anya realizes that her kingdom’s treasure is missing and can only be found by sailing as part of Schnook’s crew, she trades in her crown and fine dresses and becomes pirate “Annie.” But, it’s no easy task being a pirate, especially when Swiper Sam and his slick, slithery, sinister swashbucklers interfere with Schnook’s journey. Can Anya and her audience of pirates be trained in time to defeat Sam? Join us in this seafaring adventure and be part of the show!


Beauty & The Beast Holiday

Nov 24, 2018 - Dec 16, 2018

It’s the holiday season at the Beast’s castle, and Belle is feeling lonely spending her first Christmas away from her family. Though the enchanted garden keeps her entertained, it’s the same as sharing in her family traditions to help ring in the season. With a promise from Beast that she may have a small celebration, Belle invites her family and friends to the castle to join in the festivities. A furious Beast is no way to celebrate the holidays – will he ever forgive Belle and let her see her family again? Don’t miss this original holiday show that highlights the spirit of giving, even when it appears there is not much love is in the air.


Peter Pan

Jan 19, 2019 - Feb 3, 2019

“First start to the right and straight on til morning.” Neverland is a place of imagination, mystery, and adventure in our classic adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s “Peter and Wendy.” The Darling children find themselves swept through the starry night and into the clouds of a strange and fantastic island. Their new friend, Peter Pan, is determined to make Wendy be a mother for the Lost Boys as he continues his ongoing battle with Captain Hook. The story is highly interactive and encourages the audience to become part of the Neverland world. Don’t forget your pixie dust and think happy thoughts when you visit us for “Peter Pan!”


Charlotte's Web

Mar 2, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019

Friendship is one of the most amazing gifts to give. Wilbur is lonely when he is moved to the barn at Mr. Zuckerman’s farm. It is hard to talk to the animals and feel accepted by them. But, when tiny Charlotte starts talking to him, the two become the best of friends. Charlotte teaches Wilbur so much, including that fact that her time with him is limited, but the memories he’s created are what keep a loved one in our hearts forever. Come down to the farm for a special limited-run of this classic story.


Sleeping Beauty

Apr 6, 2019 - Apr 20, 2019

Based on the original story written by Charles Perrault, (best known for writing Cinderella), this interactive, musical fairy tale is not without its Gemini quirks. The King and Queen are granted their wish to have a child by a strange little frog. All seems perfect in their world until Malfeasance, the unkindest fairy in the land, gives a gift to the new baby that is unimaginable. With a little fix by Ms. Pixie, it seems that Baby Aurora might avoid the spell Malfeasance placed upon her. But, even a good fairy can make a mistake. A small jab on a spinning wheel needle is all it takes to send Aurora into a deep sleep for “about a 100 years.” With no hope for a prince to wake her, Ms. Pixie seems to have a solution for this problem, too. Come see how you can help wake our “Sleeping Beauty” with some Gemini magic and imagination.

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