Sleeping Beauty

Based on the original story written by Charles Perrault, (best known for writing Cinderella), this interactive, musical fairy tale is not without its Gemini quirks. The King and Queen are granted their wish to have a child by a strange little frog. All seems perfect in their world until Malfeasance, the unkindest fairy in the land, gives a gift to the new baby that is unimaginable. With a little fix by Ms. Pixie, it seems that Baby Aurora might avoid the spell Malfeasance placed upon her. But, even a good fairy can make a mistake. A small jab on a spinning wheel needle is all it takes to send Aurora into a deep sleep for “about a 100 years.” With no hope for a prince to wake her, Ms. Pixie seems to have a solution for this problem, too. Come see how you can help wake our “Sleeping Beauty” with some Gemini magic and imagination.

Gemini Theater Company
McKees Rocks, PA

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